To start off, I am still a virgin in the terms that I haven't had sex. I do play plenty but I am very careful to clean up with washing hands, tissues, and wipes. I am currently experiencing a big scare. I took birth control on Feb. 12, very irregularly though. After ten days I discontinued it on my own, because I developed a yeast infection, I treated it with an antibiotic prescribed to me. I started the pill on the first day of my period Feb. 12... The period was still going on for more than 8 days. I'd say almost two weeks. After I stopped the pill I had withdrawal bleeding I believe for about a week. On March 4 & 5, I fooled around with my boyfriend. Never did he rub his penis around my vaginal opening, but at one point he was over me and I think his penis may have tapped me one or twice in that general area. He had previously ejaculated and it had been a couple of minutes before he was over me. When this happened I stepped back and we stopped. This fooling around was like three days after stopping my period.

So Now it is March 24... and I have no period by my calculations I should have had it Friday, because I counted on forth from the last day I bled. Either way I took a test a week after that date and got a negative test, and then 17 days after that date and got another negative test on this past Thursday. The only thing I really have are occasional period like cramps and sore breast for over a week. This usually happens a week before my period.

If you must know I am twenty years old, and only a virgin because I am scared sh*tless of becoming pregnant especially while in college. I tried to get on birth control to lower my anxiety but only developed a yeast infection. I honestly hope I am not pregnant, because I don't believe in abortions.

I am going to continue being positive and maybe take another test in a day or two which will come out negative. I always use first morning urine too. My boyfriend is not in the least bit worried, he is also a virgin but he says there is nothing to be stressed about.

Once I get my period I am going on Nuva Ring indefinitely, to cure this stupid fear. 

What do you all think ?