I decided back in July of 2014 to go on the depo shot. I have endometriosis and the pain is terrible before and during my period and the bleeding is always on time and extremely heavy. So I decided with depo. I did 2 shots then I was done. I had a period for almost a month then for the remaining months I was period free yes it was great but I was always extremely depressed and I was so moody and it was hard to even be around me for more than 10 min so I decided I was done after the second shot. It was due to run out in January 2015 I didn't get any bleeding or any mood swings until July. I got a short period for like 3-4 days then nothing. I had sex a few tines after that it was painful but I never bled. I always chalked it up to my endometriosis causing the painful sex in which I was used to bit I had sex with my fiancee today and it was more painful than ever. Later that day I still had the pain from having Intercourse and I thought I was having some discharge but it was blood. This didn't happen any other time since I've been off the shot but the bleeding only happened within hours and lasted about 45 min to an hour. It wasn't heavy it just came out quick and that was pretty much it no tissue or evidence of miscarriage (took multiple pregnancy tests all negative ) I'm also unable to get pregnant due to endometriosis (fiancée and I tried before the depo for 2 years) can anyone tell me if this is normal? I'm not bleeding anymore but I still have very mild cramping and I'm more tired than normal. Any help would be appreciated. I am 32 years of age and I get hot flashes and stuff like I'm going through menopause