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Ok, i posted te same thing yesterday but it got deleted by a moderator, i dont know why, but if your a moderator DO NOT delete it this time.

I have a painfull yellow lump on the heel of my right foot, i have taken some pics, but unfortunatley used my camera phone. I have circled the lump in red.

Please Note: Ignore the black circle, this is a fault with the phone[/url], the pictures are at the top of the cant miss them


my mum has a painful lump on her left foot
which is skin colored& when she walks it feels
like a pulling inside her foot and when you press it in it moves
does anyone know what this might be ?


Hi Energetic16YrOld,

Unfortunately I’m not able to see the picture that you posted. However, foot lumps, if they get infectious, can appear as boils. You have to know that this can occur from an injury or even from a bug bite. Did you think it might be from a bud bite?

 If the lump is yellow it indicates that it can be filled with puss and that only shows a sign of infection. Problem to treat this at home is that you can get infection spread to rest of your foot.

Is there any indication of blood inside the boil?

Dermatologist should be the best choice for you. I’m not sure if any antibacterial cream would be helpful in your case.  

Good luck