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Hi All,

It's been 6 days since surgery (Right Austin Bunionectomy) and I'm doing pretty good in my opinion. The first few days after the numbness wore off were the worst, in fact they had me wondering why I even agreed to the surgery. However I went to the doc on Tuesday (8-11) and he adjusted my pain meds a bit and rewrapped my foot and I'm doing much better. It felt SO good when he first took the bandages off but that was short lived as they soon wheeled me up for x-rays. It was scary for me to be vertical without the protection of those thick bandages but the ladies were great in helping me in every way.

The incision looks great, its a bit longer than expected but if a little longer scar is the only negative outcome then so be it. I took a few pics, but I don't know how to post them, maybe I will see if my daughter can help me with that......I'm still sleeping downstairs because I am afraid hubby may accidently bump my foot at night. As for the pain meds I have only needed them twice since I left docs office.

Since I am a very active person I am finding it a bit emotional to be "laid up." But when I do try to move around my foot reminds me that it's not time yet. Doc says I can walk on my heel but I find myself walking on the side of my foot which is a big no no. So my instructions are if I can't walk on the heel then I am to use my crutches. I get my stitches out on 8-18 and he says we will talk about weight bearing then. In the mean time I have toe stretches and books to entertain me.

I know I'm still early in recovery but I am no longer regreting the surgery and am actually looking forward to shoe shopping. I hope the wheather is still nice enough to wear a shoe that will show off my new foot.

I wanted to add that I am able to bathe by resting my foot on the side of the tub. It's a bit of an art to do this by myself but with a little determination and LOTS of patients I have even shaved my legs. I'm still amazed at how much I look forward to the small things like a bath. My sister called last night and said she would come take me to Wal-Mart this weekend to get me out of the house, I'm really excited about that. (I feel like a toddler who has just been told we're going to the park)

THANK YOU all for your help, advice, and support. It's conforting to know your not alone when your feeling scared and uneasy about an upcomming surgery, or down and hopeless when your recovery dosen't progress the way you think it should. This site has been a wonderful place to come for confort and knowlegde.

There's a special place in my prayers for all of you,



Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us.



Glad to hear you are coming along. I'm having my right austin bunionectomy on 8/28 and I'm pretty darn nervous about it. I had my left one done 14 years ago and now I decided to do the right one. Keep me posted on your progress and keep up the good work.



You can read more in my post titled "Upcoming Austin Bunionectomy"....There are replies to that post with lot's of helpful info. Don't let your nerves get the best of you. I went nuts in the week leading up to my surgery trying to get everything done. The truth is everything can't get done.
It's best to go in the day of surgery calm and open minded, not worrying about what didn't get done, what might go wrong, and how bad will this really hurt.....
Do make sure you have an after hours # for your doc just in case. I noticed your surgery is on a Friday as was mine and I needed to reach my doc, but didn't have that after hours #. You'll also want an ice pack or two (ice pack's were my best friend for the first three days)..It might not be a bad idea to have crutches, (depending on what your doc says) mine told me to use them if I needed to and I did need to for the first 4 days.
Please read that post I mentioned and take the advice from people here into concideration.
Keep us posted and try not to worry to much.

Good Luck, I'll say a prayer for you.


Hey Trish,

Happy to hear you are progressing along. My surgery is coming up soon and I'm still nervous, but I'm pretty sure that it will turn out well.

Take care and thank you for your support!! :-)