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Hey dear friends,


So, yesterday, I was playing with my friend’s dog. He is lovely, Dalmatian dog, and he is almost 4 years old.


But, while I was playing with him, I have notice some lump on his paw… Since I am really scared of all this health issues, I am scared that my dog can get this, I was pretty much upset.

I told this to her and she told me that this is nothing :/ and that she saw that two months ago, I think.

I was like – what?

She never went to see the vet, because she “knows” that this is not a big deal.

Well, I don’t agree, it seems to me that this is lump on one knuckle of dog’s paw?

Is this possible?


Hey there,


I had this situation with my Boo, but after I went to see the vet, it was nothing – it was just a bug bite. I was so happy after this :)

In your case, it can be the same thing as well.

But, also, you should do like I did – take your dog to the vet.

Is it soft or not?


I am afraid because it can be a tumor, and it is pretty much common in dogs, but I think that in this case, your vet should do biopsy.  

Just to be sure.

Prescribed antibiotics can treat it.



Good day there.
Look, those bumps and lumps can be really seriously for your dog.
Like other pet lovers told you, we can’t be sure and diagnose this, because we don’t have any picture, you didn’t told us is this lump big or not, soft or hard…
I don’t want to scare you, but my dog died because of the lump on knuckle of the paw.
I have notice this, but I didn’t have so many experience.
I was thinking that this is some bite or something.
It was growing, but I didn’t check all :/
I can’t describe you how sad I am, and I am really sensitive when it comes about this subject.


Hello. You didn’t told us some very crucial information – other members told you which information you should tell us. But, what we can do. We are here to help you. It can be bug bite, but it can be tumor easily. But, you can’t tell nothing without your dog being examined. The vet should examine the foot because without it, it is very hard to tell what is for sure. Most common causes are injuries that can lead to arthritis, infection or inflammation of the joint, and like someone told you before – it can be the cancer. Bone cancer is very common in dogs.



Good day everyone.

Those are really great advice in here, and thank you much for them. I will give you one more - you should keep an eye on this lump or bump on your dog’s paw. It is not hard and it should not be hard for you.

If you see that this lump is changing, if you see that this lump is getting larger, if you notice that this dog is licking this area, those are indications that this dog is in pain.

Maybe you don’t need to rush seeing your vet, like other members told you.   

But, you should tell your friend to observe dog’s behavior.