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Hey everyone,

I recently recovered from a surgery and took up running again. Ran 5k Monday and Tuesday, took a break Wednesday and ever since yesterday morning I've had this incredible pain on the side of the arch of my left foot. It's strange because the pain didn't appear right away after running so I don't know if it's correlated but I highly suspect it is. I looked on past forum threads but nothing seemed quite like what I have.
The pain is pretty intense. Every time I put weight on it, it feels like it's on the edge of cramping up. It doesn't hurt when I touch it, massage it or when I'm sitting down. It's only really when I'm standing up that it starts hurting. I therefore walk on the front of my foot but then my other leg gets really tired very easily, and the more I walk, the more my foot hurts. It hasn't actually cramped up though, so I don't think it's anything about cramping but the pain is very similar.

So yeah, if anyone has any idea about what's going on it'd be greatly appreciated. I'd go see a chiropodist but I'd rather first have the opinion of others, since I can't really afford to go see one at the moment.



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