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hi, im a 42 year old male who was diagnosed with leukemia 2 years ago and last year I got a bone marrow transplant, and now i am doing well but i need to regain my strenght. To make a long story short i need some tips on what type of exercises i should be doing regarding of my condition. Please note that i do tend to get exhausted very quickly. Like if i do some stuff today i need like 2 days to recover and get some grip from it. Also, my left arm tends to go numb by itself. Please help me with some good tips on how should recover my strength. Thank you aallll.



  I'm 68 and survived AML Blast Crisis Leukemia without a bone marrow transplant. I died April 13, 2006 (NDE) at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. In between, I've had every assorted disease there is, and survived all those Too.

  Now I'm trying to get back on my feet. The most difficult thing is getting up and starting my day. You never know what's coming! But you keep fighting. So, for you, it's a personal challenge. You do what you can and then rest. Everybody is different. It takes years to get back on your feet. Surviving a BMT is a real exception in my book. I wouldn't get one, and I was terminal. Most I've seen have failed! God Bless you!

  I study about Nutrition a lot. I don't eat any factory foods, only natural, organic whole foods. I call them God Foods. Good foods.

  If you would like to start a dialog with me that's fine. In the Winter I'm trapped inside because of my Lungs being shot. Cold air is my enemy. So I'm home alone all day sucking on oxygen. But I still Believe! I just keep going, and going.

Good luck,

Taos Guy, 3/28/13