I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend about four days ago. He accidently began to ejaculate in me but managed to pull out quickly. He said that he was only halfway in me and he said about less than half of the fluid got in me. So I panicked, and an hour later I had already bought and taken a Plan B pill as directed. Out of paranoia I took another the next morning. So the past few days I've been very dry down there and I only had one occasion where I started to bleed for about a minute. I'm very worried about this whole thing. I need to know if this pill is working and this happened about 17 days after my last period so how much risk is there? Was that bleeding I had a bad sign? I'm also experiencing cramping like my usual period, which i'm expecting a little more than a week from now, does that mean my period is going to come or is it a bad sign? I just really need reassurance right now, and I need good sound advice. Please help. I'm desperate.