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i took plan be about 4-5 days ago on tuesday. i have had tender breast and have eaten more than usual. ive also had to pee more than i usually do but only if im at home. how long are the side effects suppose to last? should i take a pregnancy test?


The hormones in Plan B are intense and due to those hormones, they can give you an array of side effects. Most of the time they're just amplified versions of PMS and symptoms of your period or "withdrawal bleeding" that you already have, but now that you have the obvious fear of pregnancy, you notice them a little bit more. When I took Plan B, my breasts were tender and noticably swollen until the day before I started my period. Even more so, I had terrible headaches, nausea, and an increased appetite. All of this went away right before my period and that's how, in my opinion, I knew that I wasn't pregnant and that the pill had worked or I had no reason to really take it anyway aside from my paranoia after a condom break. I started my period a day later than expected and my doctor said that was pretty typical and probably due to me missing a bunch of pills in my birth control pill pack. Plan B generally gives you bleeding around the normal time of your normal period but it can sometimes be later or earlier. The side effects can last during that time and sometimes for a little bit after but that's rare. 

I would take a pregnancy test at least a few days after you're expected to have a period (if you miss it, that is). Usually, if you have a period that's enough to make full use of a pad or tampon, it's pretty obvious you're not pregnant. However, Plan B can cause your period to be lighter than usual or, in the case of a few people I know, heavier than usual. It's really effective when taken within the "protection window", though, so I'm sure you're fine. If you think it will ease your mind, by all means take a pregnancy test. It will just be more economically safe to take it when you actually miss your period as that's when your hormones, if you were pregnant, would be the highest and most detectable in a urine test. There are tests to detect up to 5 days before your period, too, but I always prefer to wait until I'm late or if I miss completely when I'm worried.