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So im on my last week of bc, I took the plan b pill 4 days after unprotected sex (he didnt pull out either) I know its 3 days after but I was scared because I had missed a couple days of takin the pill. I took thr 2 days I missed plus that days bc pill. So last friday was unprotected sex, that following tuesday was an b and now its sunday and had unprotected sex I misswd my bc pill today. Should I be scared about the chance of being pregnant? Help please


Hi Guest,

There is a chance of pregnancy.  Calculating the odds is not possible.  Just understand there is a slight risk.

Daily birth control is VERY effective, used as directed.  Even missing a day, occasionally, isn't a big problem if you take the pill when you remember.  You really do need to get into the habit of taking your pill every day at about the same time.  Do it when it's convenient for you, just do it.

Plan B can have some effectiveness up to 120 hours, although it is not as effective as taken earlier.  Please understand that Plan B has side effects.  Your next FEW periods can be early or late AND heavier or lighter than normal.

Hope it helps.