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Hi There

Had a medical termination on 23rd September. Had to go back for a scan a week later and was given antibiotics as there was still a small clot in my womb.

Started taking contraception straight away and had a although I bled after the termination, it was only for like 3-4 days. 3 weeks or so later, had a normal period. Now... my boobs are still sore and I`ve done a hpt and its came back positive.

Been to see the doc who took blood to check my levels and has now said that my levels are higher than what they would expect at this stage and i`ve to go back in 48 hours for more bloods to see whats happeneing. (The levels are at 248)

do you think I could still be pregnant or have fallen pregnant in between ?



Your procedure was not that long ago and lots of times the pregnancy hormone stays in our bodies for some time.
As long as you are taking your birth control faithfully, i wouldn't think that your pregnant.