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Hi, I started the termination process yesterday by taking the first pill, I am due to return for the 2nd part the pessary tomorrow. I was supposed to be 6.5 wks and my scan showed me to be 4-5 (impossible as I had not had intercourse after the point the 6.5 wk conception would have happened). The doctor said with the symptoms I had described, (a bit of bleeding, loss of pregnancy symptoms and period cramps) and the scan, it was likely the pregnancy had ended.  Anyway HCG bloods were done 2 days apart to check if the levels were increasing, this would indicate for sure an ongoing pregnancy or miscarriage.  The result was an ongoing pregancy. I took the very hard but thought through decision to terminate and I went ahead with the first pill.

The following morning (this morning) I awoke from what I would describe as a fruity dream feeling like I was experiencing an orgasm.  I thought at the time 'how inappropriate' but not long after this the bad period cramps began, a short lived fever happened and I vomited. I have spent the remainder of the time today in bed and exhausted and waiting to see what happens.  I started to bleed and on several visits to the loo I have passed alot of thick very red blood and at one point I passed a very obvious globule much larger than a clot. The toilet was so red I was unable to see it again.

Sorry if this is graffic for some but I need to be so that other people can let me know if this is normal.

I am due to return to the hospital tomorrow for the second part of my medical termination process which I thought would be the point this would all happen.

Should this have happened?


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