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i didnt know i was pregnant and took the depo shot. what is going to happen?


PIP: A study sponsored by the Special Program of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction of the World Health Organization was carried out in Thailand involving groups of women with 1573 accidental pregnancies. There were 830 accidental pregnancies while using the injectable contraceptive depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA), while 743 women had become pregnant before use. There were also 601 accidental pregnancies in oral contraceptive (OC) users. The comparison group of a total of 2587 controls comprised women whose pregnancies were planned as opposed to the exposed group. Women using DMPA had more pregnancy risk factors compared to other groups owing to low socioeconomic status, lower maternal weight and height, smoking and alcohol use during pregnancy, and unplanned pregnancy. However, even after adjusting for these factors, DMPA users had a 50% higher than normal risk of having a low-birth-weight child. The same level of statistically not significant risk was also found among the OC users. Among those who had had accidental pregnancies during DMPA use, and in whom conception was estimated to have occurred within 4 weeks of a DMPA injection, the risk of low birth weight was 90% higher than that in the control group. The increase in risk appeared to decline to 50% when the interval between conception and DMPA injection was 5-8 weeks, and to 20% when the interval between conception and DMPA injection was 5-8 weeks, and to 20% when the interval was or= 9 weeks. This trend was highly significant. Early, high-dose exposure in utero to DMPA seemed to affect fetal growth. There was no increase in the risk of mortality in the 1st year of life for infants exposed to OCs as compared to infants not exposed. However, infants from DMPA-exposed pregnancies had an 80% higher than normal risk of dying during the 1st year of life. Therefore, some infants born out of accidental pregnancies that occur during DMPA use may be at an increased risk of infant death.