British researchers suspect that there could be a link between breast cancer and breast asymmetry in women. Although slight asymmetry in women’s breasts is common, greater asymmetry may pose risk of breast cancer.
The study involved 252 women who were healthy when mammography was done and breast asymmetry calculated but who developed cancer later on. The results were compared to the 252 healthy women of the similar age. It was found that women who got sick had higher breast asymmetry.
It hasn’t been with certainty determined why asymmetry might increase risk or how much of a difference in size or volume matters. It is suspected that women who have symmetrical breasts may better hormonal ups and downs that occur during breast development as estrogen involvement in breast cancer has been determined earlier.
It is sometime hard to notice the difference in size. One hundred milliliters represent approximately about a seven-tablespoon difference and the larger the breasts, the smaller chances of noticing the difference.
If estrogen involvement would be taken into account, it would be logic that bigger breasts would be at higher risk of developing cancer as more breast tissue would be exposed to the estrogen but this was not found to be the case.
More researcher has been announced but some people find it unnecessary as there is nothing a woman can do in order to prevent it except have regular mammography.