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im 18 and have been experiencing some bloatedness for a few days november 1-4 lost my appetite and couldn't eat well. I've also been experiencing nausea or feeling of vomiting without vomit at the same time. my period started october 5 and the last day is october 9. mu bf and i had unprotected sex during my last day. we stopped  in the middle so I'm not quite sure if he ejaculated some or not because he said he didn't ejaculated. So after 3 days i had uti and have pee blood on the 4th day due to the antibiotics given. (I guess) so i started getting paranoid by november 1 because i have very few vaginal discharge unlike before, right before i have my period, i have lots of vaginal discharge. Until now, november 6 i still havent got my period. i went to a clinic to have a blood pregnancy test november 4 (havent eaten much the whole day) and the result was negative and they said my period wasnt due yet it is due 10 days but the thing is i normally get my period 28 days after or more. after knowing that the resukt was negative, i felt relieved and suddenly the bloatedness and nausea went away. but on november 5, the whole day i was dizzy and i don't know why, that's the only thing i was feeling during that day. And now, i'm still observing but i'm pretty sure i'm not feeling weird anymore. 

So, could it be that i'm just stressed about this pregnancy scare or do i have a possibility of being pregnant or am i sick?


your reply would help alot to calm and ease my mind. Thank you!


I think all u need to do is calm down and don't take so much tension :D