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Hello my last period date was October 29. I'm fairly regular. I was with my first love all throughout the month from November 1st to maybe the to maybe the 22 of nov. unprotected. 2nd guy I had unprotected sex on the 25th of november be then took plan B 2 days later.  Then my period never came on November 29th. Recently got told my due date is August 15. I am 7 wks 5 days. When was the most probable time of conception or who's most likely to be the father. My first love ejaculated each encounter as the 25th encounter he had not finished inside. Please help my doctor said that its most likely the 25. But I'm hoping its not. But my baby wouldve been a week bigger on the ultra sound if it was my first love


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Hi. If your period started on the 29th of October and you have a 28 day cycle then you would of been fertile around the 12th of November, the 25th you wouldn't of been fertile and would of been only a few days away from your next period starting.