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So this started in the end of October when my period took a little longer than usual to come (Ive always had semi-irregular periods where I don't know exactly when they'll start) and I had a new boyfriend and we had used the pull-out method a few times. Before I got my period when I was concerned I took a test and it was negative. My period was a bit odd, the flow was pretty normal but then it would just stop one day where I thought I would be off of it, but then I would bleed a little more. Before this I was under A LOT of stress with school finals and friend drama.

For all of November (and still now) I started experiencing pregnancy systems such as sore nipples (only for about a week but I've never had that before), I feel way more tired than normal, been experiencing regular headaches, verryy bloated (it freaks me out cause I looked pregnant!), some cramping in my lower abdomen, heavier breasts, dizziness, i'm pretty sure I got a bacterial/yeast infection (burned during sex- smelly discharge)..

I took two pregnancy tests towards the middle of november and they came out negative. But then I just got my 'period' around thanksgiving and it seemed pretty normal. But then what's up with these symptoms?? I've never had them like this before! I recently started feeling a bit nauseas in the morning as well (just past two days) I'm scared cause I hear about people who had what they thought were normal periods and were pregnant or had negative test results for a long time. I need to now ASAP if I am!

But I still have been stressed with school and friend/boyfriend drama.. but it's weird. Help anyone???


It could be because you are worried that you are preggers that you body is having these symptoms even tho you arent ... the mind does wierd things. :-) If you want to be certin i think it would be a good idea to go to a doctor and as for a blood test.