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With so many beauty suggestions floating around in the media, how do you know what you should really use? And is any of it really necessary?

Women in particular are being constantly bombarded about the aesthetic benefits of beautiful, healthy looking skin. There are an astonishingly number of beauty treatments available, with many being touted as having the ability to smooth away wrinkles, turn back the clock, and improve blemishes and marks on the face. Some of these products can be hugely expensive, and the results will vary from person to person, so it can become a large investment. But, what most women are completely forgetting about are the age-old methods of cleaning your skin and taking care of it.

With so much advice and beauty suggestions floating around in the media, how do you know what you should really use?

And is any of it really necessary? In many cases, they are not necessary at all. Some may suggest you use a facial scrub every day, whilst others will say use it once a month. It can become very confusing, and what a lot of women end up doing is plastering their skin with all sorts of concoctions. Let’s have a look at the common mistakes most of us are guilty of when it comes to skin care.

Cleansing Your Skin

1. For those with acne, it is important NOT to scrub your face with products that are harsh, or use equipment such as a loofah. By scrubbing an acne-prone face with abrasive tools you end up irritating the skin and can actually cause the acne to worsen.

2. After you have washed your face, make sure you rinse your skin well. Rinsing removes the soap or cleansing product away as well as removes the oil and the dirt, which prevents possible irritation.

3. You should never wash your face with bar soap! It doesn’t matter whether it is a cheap soap or a very expensive one, they will both have the same negative effects on your skin. Using soap removes the water content of your skin, allowing for dryness and dead skin cells to collect.


4. If you need to use acne medication, there is no point in just applying it to the pimples. There will be other pimples ready to burst forth underneath other areas of your facial skin, so to prevent this from happening, you should apply the acne medication to all of your skin.

5. We are probably all guilty of doing this, but you should never, ever, squeeze your pimples. Even if they are taunting you, or you have a special date planned. Attacking the pimple only results in spreading the infection further, creating new pimples, and picking at them can also cause scarring.

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