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Ok, heres the mini history. Towards the start of last summer I felt a sharp stab like pain on my right side and when I felt around there I found 1 knot. Then when I went to the doctors she found two but didn't really know what they were. Now after about a month, the two knots have almost doubled in size.. any ideas? Their locations are on my right side next to my abdomen.

they are on my SIDE, like right above my hip.... and the doctors ran no tests...

Click the link to see a diagram or the pain area!


I am sorry your doctor has not been giving you the attention that you deserve. My advice is go find another doctor.
Based on your description, you appear to have some kind of subcutaneous cyst-like structures on your right side. Here are my guesses:
1. sebaceous (epidermoid) cysts that develop from oil-secreting glands in your skin. The presence of pain suggests that they may have become infected.
2. tapeworm larvae can encyst under the skin as well as elsewhere in the body due to accidental ingestion of the embryonated eggs of the parasite. Most common species include Taenia solium, the pork tapeworm, and Echinococcus species that cause hydatid diseases. These are rare in the Unites States, however.
3. cutaneous MRSA infection resulting in abscess. This is very serious and needs to be treated promptly.