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Not sure if this is the best place to put this but here goes..

Here are things that I have that I think could be Hypermobility or something worse like Marfan Syndrome or Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome..

-Double-Jointed Thumbs.
-Large thumbs in comparison to rest of hand.
-Can bend thumb to the back of my wrist..
-Long, Skinny fingers, somewhat flexible.
-Flat Feet
-Possible Scoliosis (Still have to get checked)
-Feeling weak (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?)
-Possible Others..

But ya, I'm 14, just worried.. Here are some pics of my hand.. If needed, I can also take a picture of my feet (flat feet) or whatever else..


Hmm... I think I might be double jointed in a few other fingers as well. For example, here's a picture of my index finger..


Hi Kyle: Unfortunately I am quite the expert on EDS, From the look of your hands you probably do have it! But don't be afraid, EDS is commonly referred too as "rubber Man Syndrome" Ehlers Danlos has over 12 different types! EDSII is the most prevelant, and I think that is what you have. There are only a couple of test for it, and sometimes a Rheumatologist will just take a look at you, pull your joints back and forth and give you a diagnosis. If you have soft skin, and very light skin, you have to be more concerned about that, you can sunburn very easily. And any scratches should be properly taken care of. Make sure you don't start showing off with your "special" skills XD This justs add pressure to your joints, even though you might see contortionists on tv, they do a lot of exercise and stretching, to make sure they don't get seriously hurt. If your joints hurt, just take ibuprofen. You should get your parents to have you seen by a Rheumatologist to make sure that you do have it though. Marfan is less likely, and don't over stress about it or read websites that have people complaining on it. It can terrify you, nothing to worry about with this disorder Kyle, just be healthy, stretch, swiming is the best form of exercise for your joints. You will be just fine. Best regards