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I am 42 years old, with a nine year old child, and am not pregnant.

I have been told I have raised prolactin levels (2 blood tests very recently have shown its on the increase).

I suffer badly with heavy periods (clots etc) for which I am about to have the marina coil fitted.

I have regular very bad headaches (which I never suffered from before)

I have been referred to hospital concerning the prolactin, as the GP and is puzzled as to why I am suffering from heavy periods when raised prolactin usually causes the reduction or complete halt to periods. I havent had the letter yet, but I am assuming it will be for an MRI.

I also have a weird pain, more or less constantly (although t varies from mildly annoying, to quite painful) in my left side/back/front. This pain has been with me for a couple of years.
Its similar to "stitch" (although not in the same location), or as if how I would imagine it would feel if I had just been kicked in the a bruise (except there is no bruise). This pain is worse at night, and no amount of tossing and turning in bed will get rid of it, I have to get up and move around in an upright position to make it more bearable, yet at the same time, it doesnt feel like its related to my back - it feels like its coming from inside me (hence its sometimes back,. sometimes side and sometimes front - always on my left hand side).
The doctor has told me to change the bed / sleep on the floor etc - I have tried all that with no effect - as I dont think its my actual back that is the problem. Other than that, doctor is not interested in the pain pain at all.

I am wondering whether there is a connection between the heavy periods, the headaches, the raised prolactin and the backache?


hi did you find a answer to your problems!! i have exactly the same problems as you and i am 42 and have very high prolactin. hope your still ans questions ??