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my prolactin level is high I've been taking dosnex my las visit to the doctor he said that my prolacton level was normal. what are my chances on getting pragnant and having a healthy baby. please respond. %-) %-)


If your prolactin levels are ok now, you should be having any problems conceving. When a person has elevated prolactin levels, the brain gets the message that a woman is either pregnant or nursing, so it prevents ovulation.
Some women who have high prolactin levels may also ovulate and get pregnant although they are not having periods.

Considering you managed to bring your prolactin levels back to normal, your doctor may run other tests to check for other hormones like LSH to check if this hormone’s present because it is giving signals to ovaries to produce eggs.

These hormonal tests cost quite a lot.

As I don’t have any insight in your individual situation, I can only suggest to have a regular follow-up with your doctor and to keep trying.

But you should know that since it is not known how this drug will influence pregnancy, you should wait for at least a month after your last dose to get pregnant.