4th time writing this now. Age: 16 Height: 5'3" Weight: 135-139lbs Past history: puked blood at age five, bloated on and off since. No answers. Tried every diet and water intake as well. No change. Had an ovarian cyst that ruptured(was sent home) Now: I get bloated severly til i look 9months pregnant. I get headaches and migraines constantly. Im extremely fatigue at times with really bad bags on my eyes and around eyes look really dark. I have a weird purple vein thing on my leg as well. I must do yoga otherwise i get headaches but i do yawn a heck of a lot. The bloating will stay with me all day once it hits with no triggers. The dr i dee now just wants me on antidepressants and im not depressed and have been on 6 different types of antidepressants before. He also JUST NOW told me i have high prolactin leves without any causes and havr had this for 3 years with no testing. So if anyone has any answers to any of this it would be greatly appreciated.