October 30th was the date for my surgery. I have had one follow up appointment with the surgeon and another one due on Monday. I experieced all the "unknown" ailments for recovery, the first BM, and urinating with pain. After giving "birth" to a large BM the pain I felt due to gravity subsided. I have been doing well, I think, but the last few days I have experienced oozing and itching and I am wearing pads to save the undies from being stained. I see where this is normal in some cases, and thnkfully I have the appointment in a few days. It wasn't at all what I expected. I am normally a fast healer and I have been doing the soaks and took Citruscel faithfully for a month. I was always regular before but now I am not having what I would call "normal" for me bowel movements. It appears that it is going to take longer than I thought although it has not kept me home. I am retired so I do not have to report to a job. Any supervisor who is not understanding as to the recovery should never have to go through this surgery. No one would believe it is this difficult. Good health to all who read this.