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Hi all. Im a genuine scottish man who moved to the USA a couple of years ago to be with my beautiful wife. We now have a one year old son too. I am currently working as a medical attendant in a local hospital and was referred to this site by a friend. I have twenty six years experience in the health and social care field and ten years experience in freelance writing. Ideally I would love to make the transition to full time freelance writing but I am always interested in all thats going on in the healh are field, especially as I am only now becoming more familiar with the health care set-up in the USA, as opposed to that in the UK.

Looking forward to reading and writing here, and getting to know some of you.


Hi scotslad,
Welcome to SteadyHealth, I hope that you will find many interesting things here.
You really have a lot of experience in health. You can help many here.
Have good time.

Nice to have you here.
Best regards.


Hi scotslad, welcome to the forum :-D

How are you finding America compared to Scotland?