So I started sertraline about two years ago. I had a few symptoms in the start. I was like a zombie and just wanted to lay in bed for about a week, while I was increasing the dose as directed by the Dr. Then one day I just woke up and felt better. I noticed the help was not as good about a year later of taking 50 mg per day. I called the Dr. to see about increasing the medication. Was told by the nurse to increase as needed but do not exceed 200 mg per day. I stayed at 50 mg per day for another year then one day I had a horrible feeling of paranoia my chest was racing and I took the full amount of 200 mg. Then I had horrible reaction I thought I was going to die, more yet I wanted to die. I decided to stop the medication all together.

I stayed in bed for the next three weeks barely eating anything not even a desire to do anything at all. I had fever, sweats, night mares, chills, shakes, head aches, stomach pains, massive sweats, even swelling in my testicles my blood pressure went crazy high for several weeks. Thoughts of people in the room that were not there. The freak outs were so intense, I even went as far as taking a gun to my head. If my wife did not walk in and take it from me I would be gone. The stomach pains never went away and the gas has gotten crazy. This is going on five months later now and the headaches are not as severe but the gas is still there. I feel like I am waking up more everyday I think that the Xanax has been helping a lot.