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My long term girlfriend was on Yaz for 4 months, she experienced some of the usual side effects. The worst side effect was that she has grown apart from the people she loves most (even her pets) She is not much interested in everyday life. She keeps saying that she just wants to be alone by herself. I had no idea about the way she was feeling since it is so unlike her normal self. I thought that it just might be our relationship, but she is doing this to her whole family and friends. She said that she just wants to be back the way she was.

She has stopped taking Yaz 13 days ago mid-pack and her feeling seem to have gotten worse. She is very depressed with life currently. She was even looking to move far away by her self to be alone.



I've been taking yaz for about eight months now. The comercial is wonderful, "Where're not gonna take it", it made it sound like the miracle birth control. It totally sold me. At first, it did seem like the miracle birth control. But soon, after a few months, (and it was hard to spot at first but now looking back, you know hindsight is 20/20, I can see it now) I started to feel WAAAYYYYY more emotional than normal. Granted, I am naturally an emotional person, but it just got rediculous. I started getting depressed, then more depressed. I started feeling very irritable, snapping at those closest to me. I got frustrated at practically everything. Then there were times that I also felt numb, like I had lost who I used to be. I started feeling very alone, and like life was worthless. What was I here for? And that thought absolutely TERRIFIED me! And there is absolutely no reason for me to think that way. For one thing, I'm just not like that. And secondly, I have a wonderful family with wonderful friends, a loving husband, a new baby son, a beautiful home. I could go on and on with all my blessings.
But something was making me feel horrible. I've finally been able to pinpoint it to my being on Yaz. At one point, I found myself beginning to shake uncontrolably, deathly afraid and anxious. My husband actually had to take me to the emergency room. I was having a panic attack.
So now, I've decided to stop taking Yaz. I've made an appointment with my gyn in two weeks to discuss something different. But one thing is for sure, I am never taking Yaz again.
I stopped taking it three nights ago. At first, I thought I was beginning to feel better, but now, I'm beginning to feel all of these symptoms all over again, like your girlfriend, gordon01. I'm terrified, because I don't want to feel that horrible again. It scares me. I'm so afraid right now. And I've been crying at the drop of a hat.
And it is so strange trying to explain it to my husband. He's trying to understand, I know. I really do wish that more men would research and understand what these oral contraceptives can do to a woman. It's terrible! And sometimes, very serious.
So, everyone, and you, gordon01, I am very interested also in how long it takes for one's body to expel the final remnants of that awful drug. When will I feel normal again and get back to my good 'ole self. Gordon01, I am interested in how your girlfriend is doing and when she will start to feel better. If you would like to hear how I am progressing, or ask any questions or talk to me about it, my email address is
I would love to hear an update about her. And I am continuing to research this drug myself and it's effects. And I cannot tell you how many people I know, or people I've met and talked to, and testimonials I have already come across from all corners of the net, that proclaim how AWFUL this yaz stuff is, and how they're getting off of it as fast as they can!
Hope to here more about this, and best to you,


I've been on Yax like for 8 months and everything was peachy, but now, I feel like I'mn pregnant my boobs are bloating I'm nauseous, and dizzy, tired, angry, snapping at everyone, the pregnancy test say I'm not really pregnant.

I really don't know what to do or where to go, Because I'm thinking I am pregnant, or the pill is KILLING ME!


Mistress, your story sounds exactly like mine. I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

I was on Yaz for 10 months and at first it was great. But like Mistress, I slowly got more emotional and more distant. I had two different modes: angry, sobbing mess or completely numb. The smallest thing would set me off and put me in a bad mood. But the worst part is that I would stay in a bad mood for days. I would be angry or sad for so long that I couldn't remember what put me in the bad mood to begin with. My mind would try to rationalize but I could not shake the feeling. I became very depressed, which is very unlike me. I felt like I was losing myself and my biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able to be the person I used to be. It was a vicious cycle. I would be depressed and then become more depressed about my depression! I began to suspect my birth control was the problem - or I needed serious therapy. I have so many wonderful things in my life that I have no reason to be depressed. My logical side would say "Be happy, you have no reason to be sad" but my emotional side would say "F U, logic! I'm going to cry for 5 hours".

I talked to my mom and my friends to gain incite and decided to stop taking Yaz. Unfortunately, I decided this during week 1 of my pack and I read that it is a bad idea to stop mid-pack. I had to finish out the month and I have been pill-free for almost 2 months now. I feel so much better. I appreciate life and I can laugh again. I still get upset occasionally but it feels like normal PMS and that comes with being a woman.

I am still experiencing some physical side effects like irregular spotting/light periods and my boobs shrank back to normal (I miss the fuller bust). But emotionally I feel like myself again. To help me through this emotional rollercoaster, I made myself a list of all the things that make me smile and a playlist of all the songs that make me happy. When I felt overwhelmed or upset, I would listen to my 'happy list' and focus on the good things in my life. I hope that this helps all you Yaz ladies out there.


I took yaz for about 3 years. Same symptoms as everyone else...moody, sad, anxious, only took me 3 years to figure out it was the yaz. Actually, my husband told me I must quit taking it because of a story his friend told him about a girl he knew well who was on it, along with some research he found it it was horrible(the only advice I have ever taken from him!).
I have been off of yaz for about 2 months and am feelings completely different! My ankles and stomach must have been swollen because my body looks different too. My mood is more stable, I feel energetic again and excited for life again, just like before! It took about a week to start seeing changes and every day gets better. I cant wait for it to get completely out of my system and hope there wont be any long term effects.
All I can tell other recent x-yazers is that it took about 2 weeks to begin to feel really better and progressively I keep feeling better. Sometimes I feel like I get little mood swings (maybe left over yaz hiding somewhere in my body??) hopefully these will go away with time too.
Does anyone know how long it takes to be completely out of your system? AND are there any long term side effects after quitting yaz?


I agree 100 % I started only taking it a week ago and right away I started noticing things. I was depressed, angry, retaining water, headaches and bleeding alot! I took myself off of it as it was only to regulate me for a month but there is no way I would ever put that in my body again!


I took yasmine for 3 weeks, but it made me horribly sick. My doctor gave me yaz to try.
The first day of taking yaz, I had some nausea, and a bit of a head ache, but was much better than the yasmine.
The second day about the same thing. On the third day I had noticed I had several rashes through out my body, I was also very
dizzy to the point of passing out, my leg went numb, ended up with a migraine, and i was very very irritated with my family. My
boyfriend had noticed that my eyes were yellow, which had concerned him, but i sluffed it off. I also had horrible dry mouth, and
some pains in my abdomen. So on that 3rd night, i had got my boyfriend to check the symptoms of yaz while I bathed our 2 sons, one
which I am breastfeeding. He asked me to sit down to go through them all, I thought what the heck because I know the other pills I have
been on have a short list of possible side effects. I was horrified when I read all the side effects! Then I had a panic attack because of
my eyes being yellow, and yaz can give you jaundice or liver and kidney problems. And when I read all of them, I had noticed
I had many more symptons than I thought. I had already took my 4th pill, before I decided I had to stop. I have been yaz free for 5 days
and I feel so awful. I am no longer dizzy, but my nausea is horrible, I am weak, I have no ambition for anything which is not like me at all,
I am having problems staying positive which I am usually a very optimistic person. And I have notoiced my baby has been showing some signs of the same effects that I am experiencing. My yellow eyes have went away. But I got my period yesterday, and it is horribly heavy
and I am very sluggish. Does anyone know if I will have my full period this week and thats all, or this one and the normal one in 2 weeks.
I am so pissed that they give this c**p to women, especially when breastfeeding. I dont want to have another baby, but I definetly dont
want any life term problems. This is truly horrible, they need to ban it! And has anyone figured out how long it takes to get back to
normal? I am concerned for the ladies who are depressed, depression can be such a horrible thing to get rid of, good luck to all of you, and
thanks for your posts and info.


I just started Yaz this month after hearing all the positive effects it has on the treatment of PMDD. In fact, it's really only after seeing the commercials did I put two-and-two together and realize that my crying spells, depression, "wanting to run away" feelings each month were PMDD. I was on ortho-tryclen and ortho-tryclen lo - about 7 one the first, 3 on the lo. I went from the regular to low because I was suffering from killer migraines and the lo drastically reduced that effect. Only bad thing was occasional spotting that would make me have a two week "period". Annoying, yes... but I asked my doctor about Yaz and she didn't have an opinion really - just wrote the prescription and basically said only get two pill packs to test it out first.

So I started on Yaz last Sunday (8 days in now) and knew from the get-go that this is pill is different. When taking the pill in the past 10 years I've never been really "aware" of symptoms, but with Yaz I sure am - from day one in fact. I've felt dizzy and nauseous, like I have mild flu symptoms and my stomach has wreaked havoc as well - I get these bubble like feelings that either result in diarrhea or I wish were so the feeling would go away. I also realized I have to take the pill, which I typically do first thing in the a.m., with food as it immediately makes me feel like I will get sick of I don't. I've never had to do that with the orthos. My urine has also been a constant bright yellow, which by reading the posts and thinking of it, may be because of the diuretic in it - definitely feel more thirsty and lethargic than normal. Last night i woke up with a wicked leg cramp which promptly went away, and have also had some headaches the past week.

It seems there isn't one "magic" pill out there - they all have their drawbacks. But as for this one, I don't think I'll be a long time user. I'll give it the full month to test it, but definitely isn't as "easy" as the ortho's were. It's been so long I forget what going 'au natural' is like with moods, but seems there's no easy way out. Isn't it so much fun being a girl??? Arrrghhh!


I am sooo glad that I came accross this thread!!!

I have been using Yasmin for about 8 months and then changed to Yaz for the last 7 months. My husband and I decided to have a baby and I stopped using Yaz about a month and a half ago.

Eversince I have been an emotional wreck!!! I went to watch gymnastics when my sister's 9-year old participated and after everything she done, my eyes shot full of tears. It was just so beautiful!!! AND IRRITATING not to be able to control my emotions.

I can handle all the other side effects, but this emotionality is just too much. And my poor husband suffered all the mood swings. Man, I can kick myself.

Can anyone suggest an alternative for Yaz?



Wow, it is so comforting to hear all of these stories and that I am still normal..its just the Yaz!

When I first started Yaz I sat in my dorm room and just straight cried for almost a whole day. At that point, I knew it was the birth control but I thought my body was just adjusting to it. I am on it because Im taking an accutane-like drug that requires females to be on some form of birth control. I didn't even realize that some of the things I'm experiencing (like wanting to be alone and snapping at people) were from Yaz. Those things are not me at all. I'm the most social person and usually kind to people. But lately I get so frustrated with people so easily and can't stand to be around people for too long. I'm now home for the summer and my parents just don't understand at all. So, its even harder because they just think I'm mean and horrible. If they only knew.

Recently, I have been going through a lot of changes that were rough on me (changed majors and it was an extremely stressful field, had issues with financial aid that threaten my return to my college, etc.) and I accredited my moodiness to those things. When I cried at the drop of a hat, I just assumed I broke. So many things got to me that I'm broken. Not myself, more negative about everything, and cry about EVERYTHINGGGG. I, too, wonder if I'll ever be myself again. Your stories are giving me hope! so thank you. I also feel numb to everything all the time. I cry, then feel numb. and i've never understood the "numb" feeling until now. and i hate it! It just feels like I'm walking through life watching everything happen and being completely unresponsive to it all. Not caring what happens and not feeling anything.

I'll finally be off of the accutane-like stuff in about 15 days, so I'll also be stopping Yaz a month after that. I'm a little nervous that it could get worse, but excited to be myself again soon after!!!! It will be so nice, for the first time in years (and im only 20!) to be able to wake up in the morning and not have to take any pills! I can't wait for my body to see what its like again to be free from all thnigs medicine!

Again, thank you so much for opening up about your struggles...I thought I was going insane and I thought I changed forever. its good to know that other women experience these things too!


I agree it is very comforting to know that I am not alone or the only one feeling this way. I started yaz may 2009 after having my daughter in march. I have always been an emotional person in general, but constantly wanting to be alone and have nothing to do with my family, (husband and 2 kids) is just not right by any means. that is exactly how i have felt for the past 7 mons. I quit taking it a little more than 2 wks ago, it to switch to something more cost efficient (no insurance) and have noticed an extreme difference. I am on nothing at the moment because I want to get my body back into the right swing of things before starting something new. I have been crying at the drop of a hat over silly things really, extreme irritability at the drop of a hat, and I now am having the dizzy spells and being very absent minded, as if I am like physically my body is right there but my mind is not. Very foggy. Very nauseous. And I have always been prone to uti's but the past 3 to 4 mons it has been terrible and the more that I read I am curious as if I don't have kidney problems due to yaz. I am going to a different gyno in a couple of days and am defiantly asking 20+ questions. I have never really been too scared until today and praying that everything health wise is alright with me. I do defiantly recommend knowing what you are getting into with yaz because it can cause life term health problems, and defiantly has emotion side effects that noone should ever have to go through. I truly hope that these strong women can get through this terrible thing and I wish the best of luck to all....thankyou for letting me vent to women who understand how I am and have felt!


I've been using Yaz for about 3 years now. My doctor recommended it to me to help with my extreme symptoms of PMDD but expressed that little research could prove HOW Yaz could assist with miminimizing PMDD. Anyway, it did help me a lot the first year. I felt more calm and less prone to rage attacks and cry spells. My mood felt more consistent rather than crazy and erratic. After a while, my mood started shifting back to how it was and my symptoms of erratic moods and depression came back.

One trick that I learned with birth control in general is to take it at night before bed- this helps minimize side effects like nausea. Everyone seemed to notice that I was gaining weight while I've been on Yaz except for me. I gained about 15 pounds in the past 3 years. I've been trying hard to lose the weight by eating less and exercising, but it's extremely difficult. I'm in the process of looking for another birth control so that I can get back to my normal weight. One other thing is that my doctor ended up prescribing antidepressants for me to help with my mood issues. If you're having trouble with "being happy" or controlling your mood, I'd suggest an alternative to Yaz since it only seemed to help me for a year.


Hi all i have a 18 year old daughter whohas been on yaz for about a year untill recently have noticed all the same side affects you all have the dizziness that caused her to pass out anxiety emotional mood swings she cries for no reason at all also her blood pressure has not been normal when i heard about this pill i called the doctor who prescibed it and ask if she should be on this he said there were no problems if that was the case why is it that they are doing a echo gram and having my daughter wear a heart monitor for 24 hours to monitor her heart i hope everyone who reads this to stop the medication immediately and talk to your dr i am so mad i think there should be something done to stop drs from prescibing this to anyone else.


Hi everyone,
I have been taking yaz for about 3 years now and have noticed all of the same symtoms you all have, although I didnt realize it was due to the yaz. I have been so upset and out of it latly. I feel like I have nothing to look forward to and when I do have something exciting going on in my life, I never seem to care. My boyfriend gets mostly bad moments with me and I even feel like I dont love him even though I have no reason not to. He is a great guy but it seems like everything he does is wrong and even when he does what I ask Im still not happy. I wish there was something I could take besides yaz but I have PMDD and am afraid if I get off of yaz, I will be in even worse shape. It would be great to hear any suggestions. Thanks


Hello Everyone,

I used Yaz for 3 years and absolutely loved it. I have mild acne and I loved the fact that it gave me relief. Anywho, I stopped taking Yaz over a year ago because my husband and I were ready to start a family and ever since then, I have very irregualr menstrual cycles. At first, it took me 3 months to even start my period. I used to have a normal 28 day cycle and now they are 56 days. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them as well? I'm very frustrated because now it is taking me twice as long to try and conceive. Also, my acne is back with a vengence. No matter what face wash I buy I end up with very painful zits and pimples. I even bought proactive and it will not work on my face. It's almost like my hormones are out of control. Does anyone know whether there is a link between taking Yaz and infertility?