At 63, I am also in danger of a stroke. I took Singulair/Montelukast for 10 years. I did not know my 50+ pound weight gain was the Singulair because I was on so many medications for asthma symptoms. I had been fit and trim at one time. I gained 25 pounds after taking prednisone for 8 days. I was not ever able to lose it.

A few years later I started Singulair along with other medications. I gained 50 more pounds, all the while I was exercising and trying to watch diet. That put me at 75 pounds heavier than normal. Doctors wanted me to also start blood pressure meds because my blood pressure went from low to high in those 10 years. I was reluctant to take even more meds to treat what I believed was a symptom caused by meds, not by me.

My career suffered from my horrible med side effects as much as from illness from asthma. I finally just had to quit after losing respect because of angry outbursts and bad decisions.

10 months ago, I started Nucala shots for asthma. They have enabled me to eliminate most of my other meds. I still had a Stiolto inhaler and Singulair. After 8 months, I was still gaining weight and blood pressure still rising. The blood pressure issue was starting to scare me because I felt dangerous pressure in my head whenever I laid down. I concluded, after reading this blog that the problem was probably the Singlulair.

I gradually weaned myself off of Singulair. I have not had any for a month. My blood pressure is slowly getting lower. However, I AM STILL GAINING WEIGHT! I have increased my workouts and try to eat well. (About 90 minutes every day of cardio, weight training, yoga, bike, swimming; I try to mix it up and keep it challenging.)

All the other symptoms that people have mentioned on this site were worse for the month I was lowering and eliminating my doses of Singulair. Now the symptoms are almost gone: nightmares, numbness and tingling in arms and hands, tooth pain, sadness, anger, insomnia, leg and foot cramps, mood swings, suicidal thoughts. Thought clarity, concentration, motivation are all returning.

I still have headaches and a huge, swollen body. My stomach is huge and soft. My feet are usually swollen. I can hardly bend over because my stomach is in the way.

Am still taking Allegra for seasonal allergies and Stiolto daily.

Did taking Singulair for so long make my weight a permanent condition? Or will I eventually be able to lose this gross belly and weight?