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hey im 17 years old in i am on the pill in i missed it one day in i forgot to take it on time someothers in i live with my 16 year old bf in he have sex all the time in he dose not use a condom in for the past week i been having really bad stomach pian in my lower stomach in the passed 2 or 3 day really bad headaches my lower back has been hurting for like a little bit. in i cant sleep that good in i just what to sleep but cant. in i have put on a few pounds in my bf dad said it looks like i am prgenant he said like a mouth alone in i dont like wen he says it bc the is like rigth 99% of the time in i just really sared in i dont know if i am just saring my safe to death. in i do not what to get a home test bc i am afried what it will say. please help me in oo ya when i had my time of the mouth it was like a lil like i would bleed a lil in then i would not bleed for a day in i would bleed one or to time that day in just keep on do it for a week. so please plaese help me



Hi Britt,

Yes you could be pregnant.  

Missing one pill and not taking the others on time isn't going to make the birth control as effective as it can be.  You're somewhat protected, just not the same as if you took it as directed.

The headaches and stomach pains are not specific to pregnancy.

The bleeding is a concern.  It almost sounds as if it might be implantation bleeding, it can last a week or more.

Take a home pregnancy test.  Use your first morning urine, it is more concentrated so more likely to give an earlier positive.  Follow all the directions carefully, especially times.  If it comes up negative, 7-10 days after your due date take another.  By then, if you are pregnant, the hCG levels made by the fetus, and which the test looks for, will be high enough for an accurate result.

You didn't say when your period was due.  It it was more than 10 days ago, testing once should let you know.

I can understand you being scared but you are having sex.  It is always a risk.  Even the pill isn't 100% effective.

Good luck, keep us posted.