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Ok sooo.... me and my bf had sex on the 2-15-13 yesterday and he was pulling his penis in and out of my v. so then we were having unprotected sex no condoms and he thinks he might have cummed in me. could it be possible for me to be pregnant? I need help im new to this stuff im 15 years old and this isnt my first time having sexual intercourse. im not ready to be a mother and hes not ready to be a father. So when does the symptoms start happening to know when your pregnant? What are the symptoms bc after we had sex i got up and i had stomach cramps badly! i got up went to the bathroom pulled up my shirt and i was admiring my stomach. he told me it looks like im pregnant is this possible?


Hi Desiree,

It is early for ANY signs of pregnancy to occur.  You don't become pregnant immediately either.  Fertilization and implantation can take several days at least.

It is possible that you can get pregnant.  The cramping that you have is likely as a result of having sex.

What do you mean "he thinks he might have cummed in me?"  Does he not know if he ejaculated?

Often the first signs are a missed period.  Sometimes you may have very light bleeding, called spotting, about a week before you expected your period.

I'd suggest you both start using some protection or you might very well be a mommy and he might be a daddy soon.

For now, if you are worried about a possible pregnancy, emergency contraceptives like Plan B or the I-Pill are an option.

Good luck.



You can't look like your pregnant straight after having sex you have to wait while see if you come on your period or not if not then it would be possible to take a test but you won't be pregnant straight after having sex tht day :/