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I'm in a long distance relationship and my boyfriend came to visit me between Dec 29 and Jan 6th, and we had sex that whole time. We used a condom, and I didn't notice any leaks, but we would have sex for long periods of time and change the condom partway through, so there's a definite possibility that precum could've gotten inside of me, considering that he DOES precum. I know it's rare to get pregnant this way, and I was sure we were fine. Then, I started having a million different symptoms. Sorry for TMI, but I'm just so confused and I need some answers.
The previous month I had my period on Dec 11, and I'm usually very very regular. I have my period every month, start having cramps about a week before but they're very minor and then 3 or so days before my period the cramps are much worse, and by the 3rd day of my period, they stop. I bleed heavily for 2 days then medium bleeding on the 3rd and then it continues to taper off until the 7th day, at which point I'm just spotting.
All throughout the week my bf was here my breasts were very sore and I couldn't understand why, but just figured it was because I hadn't sex in such a long time (year and a half) and it was somehow affecting my hormones. The day after he left (Jan 7), I had my period, during which I bled a bit less than I normally do, and it only lasted 5 days. I overlooked this and tried to convince myself it was normal, and figured I just had my period early because of all of the pushing on my cervix during the week. This period passed and I felt totally fine, until 2 weeks later when I started having minor stomach cramps. I got so constipated and bloated that I couldn't even lay on my stomach without it hurting, and when I would go to the bathroom, I had soft stool and only a tiny bit would come out. I started having headaches and slight nausea, as well. This insane bloating lasted about a week and slowly improved, but I was still constipated, not to mention EXTREMELY moody (normally I only get that way right before my period). My breasts were also slightly sensitive. I took 2 HPTs and they both came back negative, but I felt pregnant and figured it may just be too early for the test to detect it. A week later, another negative HPT.
Then, towards the beginning of February, my cramps starting getting worse, as though I was about to have my period, and my breasts became more swollen and tender (usually my nipples just become sensitive and my breasts feel a bit firmer before my period). I was also so exhausted that I only felt awake for 3 hours at a time, I started to have night sweats, and I was thirsty all the time too. These cramps lasted 3 or so days, then went away for a day and then I started spotting on Feb 4th (my period has NEVER started as spotting, I always just start bleeding). There was pink spotting for a day (which I've never experienced) and then it started to get a bit heavier, but the overall bleeding from Feb 4 - Feb 9 was equal to the amount that I would normally bleed on day 2+maybe3 of a regular period. On Feb 7th, I had a pregnancy blood test, which also came back with a negative result.

Now I'm just spotting a little bit, and it seems to be ending, and I'm still having slight cramps that feel like menstrual cramps, sensitive nipples and slightly sore breasts, headaches, slight nausea. I usually never have any symptoms of PMS by the 4th day into my period. I'm exhausted and very thirsty all the time, frequent urination (but I figure that's just because I'm drinking so much water). I took another HPT tonight and it was also negative. I don't know what to think... there's something seriously off but all of the pregnancy tests I've taken have come back negative, and I don't know what else could be wrong. Any thoughts?


I know this is really really late, but if you get a negative blood test, you are definitely not pregnant! Your hormones could just be changing b/c of stress and stuff.