I'm due for my 4th depo shot next week, I won't be getting it, I've had stubborn weight since I got on it after my 2nd son was born.

My Dr suggested Depo after the minipill failed to prevent a second pregnancy, and I was getting 13 day cycles on it (again). He even made a point to tell his intern infront of me that he doesn't reccomend an IUD, which i couldn't afford anyway, as we had no insurance at the time.

For the first 2 shots, I loved it, I spotted the day before my second shot, and just before my 3rd I started having doubts, but still got it, because we needed something.

I have no sex drive now, have not been able to lose any baby weight, and gained 10lbs, and now as I near my shot date, my joints, especially my hips are really stiff and achy, my back is really sore, and Iv'e been bleeding for 3 weeks, from sometime in the middle of the night to about noon, then it stops until that night.

are these all symptoms of coming off the depo? A friend said that her Dr told her that a regular BCP would help flush the depo junk out of her system, should I be asking my doc for the pill?