So as the title mentions, my girlfriend ended up getting the Depo Provera shot approximately 4 weeks ago. During the first three weeks we had protected sex with back up contraception (Condom) like twice during the time frame. On one occasion sometime during the second week we ended up using plan B on top of condom and, shot...(stupid I know..but we were nervous) something went wrong. Anyhow..about three days ago from today, she started bleeding, of what seems to be a period? Perhaps due to plan B.. Not sure if this is normal since depo is supposed to suppress periods/ovulation? so iv'e heard. But this is a little besides the point, what is worrying us is that we ended up having unprotected sex on the day that exactly marked 4 weeks since she had gotten the shot (29 days after), basically a month. We had sex on the third day of her still bleeding, and she still currently is bleeding a little bit... im wondering if this was too soon?.

or IF THE PLAN B she took will affect the EFFECTIVENESS of Depo??

Also since my girlfriend just recently took the plan B bill were really not looking forward to having her take another (as that may be hazardous to her health, with an over dose of hormones).

My question is will we be okay? I know no birth control is 100% effective but should we be really panicking and freaking out? we decided to become abstinent after this experience, and really just want to get this worry over with

Also how long should we wait to take a pregnancy test?Will depo affect the test resutls?? 

Thanks for your kind responses.