Hello, I am a 31 year old Hispanic woman with 2 kids and I have always been between 130 lbs - 135 lbs on for seven years. When I was pregnant with my son (23 years old) I gained 60lbs and shedded the weight with no exercise with in 6weeks, with my daughter (28 years old) i gained 30lbs. It that weight came down with in 3 weeks no exercise. I had 3 doses of the depo and for the first time in my life I gained 25lbs out of no where, I did feel like eating more so I did but it couldn't help it the shot made me eat everything like a tornado taking charge of my appetite, as soon as I fugured what was going on i consulted with my doctor and they told me that the shot make about 70% of women gain weight rapidly due to an appetite increase. Since then I transition into the pill and it has only been 3 weeks and I lost 10lbs. I highly recommend if you don't want to gain weight do not !! I repeat Do not take the depo!