Researchers found that the best cure for back pain is to take paracetamol and keep active. 250 patients who suffer from back pain participated in the study and the results showed that anti – inflammatory drugs and spinal manipulation didn’t improved recovery time. Instead, experts suggest that paracatemol and avoiding bed rest could actually do the work. For the research, patients were divided into groups and received either diclofenac (NSAID), spinal manipulation or fake therapy. Results showed that there’s no difference in recovery time among all participants no matter in what group they were. All patients were advised to avoid bed rest and take paracetamol for the pain.

Researchers say that additional treatments are not necessary because they don’t increase recovery time. NSAIDs and spinal manipulation may not be needed if the first treatment with paracetamol appears to have affect because NSAIDs are associated with adverse effects and also expose patients to increased risk.

Most patients should receive simple care and advice which would help them go through their phase of pain and allow them to live normally when this stage of acute pain ends.