New study found interesting fact that patients who are resistant to aspirin have four times more chance of developing heart attack , stroke or in the worst case die from a pre – existing heart condition.

Doctors prescribe aspirin to some patients in long term to reduce chance of developing blood clot and those patients who are resistant to aspirin have blood cells that are not affected in the same way as blood cells of patients who are receptive to the drug which is called aspirin sensitive.

However, there’s no way to determine whether patients are resistant to aspirin or not and the reason why someone is resistant to aspirin is not yet determined. Some previous studies researched impact of aspirin on health outcomes for some patients. During the study, researchers investigated patients with cardiovascular disease and all of these participants have been prescribed aspirin to prevent forming of blood clots. Results showed that more than a quarter of patients were aspirin resistant and they were at great risk of suffering from some cardiovascular diseases or even dying. They also found that if those patients received a different drug to thin the blood there were no good results.

Conclusion of this study is that more research needs to be done in order to identify the most useful test to determine this condition.