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How many of you endure chronic headaches, back pain, stiff neck and daily aches and pains? Chances are you have probably tried over the counter pain relievers and possibly visited a doctor if something stronger is needed for pain relief.

Handling money can actually help a person manage pain

However, these methods may not work, but there is something else interesting that researchers just discovered, those individuals that hold the money can actually have the best pain killer around and not even know it.

Research Study Information

According to a recent research study, handling money can actually help a person manage pain and may even prevent it initially.  Study participants that counted cash before taking part in the experiment that involved being exposed to low levels of pain, reported less discomfort than those that did not count money.  It is believed that people who physically hold the money could help stave of pain because of raising feelings of self-worth and self-efficacy.

Previous research studies have proven that people with a higher level of self-esteem are better able to withstand pain.  People in the United Kingdom annually spend $500 million BP on over the counter pain medications and the figures continue to rise each year.  With the results of the study, however, it is hoped to make these figures decrease and help people learn natural ways in which to manage pain.

Another study performed by the University of Minnesota involved students being asked to count rolls of money contains 80 $100 bills or blank sheets of paper shaped like a bill of money.  The students were told by researchers to dip their hands into a container of scalding hot water and to see how long they could withstand the discomfort.  The results of the study found that those that hold the money reported feeling less pain.

The soothing powers of handling money can actually provide relief from pain and discomfort 

These revelations could possibly help a person in many different areas of life including reducing pain from anything like uncomfortable medical treatments to feelings of social anxieties; the possibilities seem to be endless.  Though medical researchers and scientists have been studying pain and response in humans for many years, the perception of discomfort varies so further information is needed to provide a full understanding of how it works.

As interesting as it can be to think that actually handling money can reduce feelings of physical pain, researchers also found that being reminded of money and being broke can actually make things worse.  In an attempt to better get a grasp on the power money plays in pain control, researchers asked those participating to rate feelings of attractiveness, mood and self-esteem. With handling money, people felt a sense of power and strength which could improve coping skills for a wide variety of different negative experiences including pain.

The findings of the study warrant further research in order to form a better understanding behind the mechanism of action handling money has on the human psyche and pain control.  The results of these studies are groundbreaking and prove that mind over matter can sometimes work when dealing with pain and for some.  Handling cash can lead to feeling better when confronted with an uncomfortable situation or physical issues involving pain, which means it could be the best pain killer one can use.


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