A group of researchers came to finding that a drug used to treat breast cancer can be used for treating prostate cancer as well.

One case of prostate cancer showed that the growth of the tumour was reduced by 97% when the drug used for breast cancer treatment was given before radiation therapy. The doctors found that the drug Pacliataxel made prostate cancer cells more sensitive to radiation.

Researchers point that the crucial thing were timing and the size of the drug dose. They used low doses trying to keep additional toxic level low and still they got excellent results.

Most common treatment for prostate cancer are radiation and surgery and researchers hope that this study could be tested in human clinical trials. The research was carried out on human prostate cell lines, which were used in the animal model.

The thing that’s very important to know about this research is that the improvement was found for all the prostate cancer cell lines , independently of the status of tumour suppressor gene, p53 which is the most frequently mutated in human cancers. By some researchers this is the most important determent of the response to treatment.