Recent research performed on mice showed promising results in a new treatment against breast cancer. Experts found that a drug sold on the market under the name of Panzem could stoop the spread of breast cancer. Study reported that 2-methoxyestradiol (2ME2) has ability to target breast cancer cells, prevent them from spreading to the bones and protect bones from osteolysis which is a painful condition that occurs when cancer spreads to the bone.

The most important ability of this 2ME2 is to cause cancer cells to self - destruct. When a cell is attacked by a virus it has ability to self – destruct, but when it can not do so, it develops to a tumor. Researchers claim that 2ME2 is a combination of chemotherapy which has ability to destroy cancer cells and aniangiogenisis drugs which destroy blood vessels that feed tumors.

This study represents great hope for women diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. It can improve survival rates and also slow the development of osteolytic lesions and that is certainly a significant break through.