Researchers found that smoking beside causing lung cancer, COPD and heart disease can make damage to other organs in human body that are less noticeable. They hope that this study will urge people to quit smoking in order to prevent these diseases.

Leading causes of head and neck cancer are cigarettes and if these cancers are not treated they may end by removal of tongue, cheek, parts of the throat and larynx. Research also reported that second hand smoke can cause serious damages to developing organs of a child such as lungs and brain.

Smoking can also affect people’s hearing because it produces negative impact on middle ear function by irritating the Eustachian tube. Reports claim that smokers are more likely to have hearing problems and ear diseases than non – smokers.

One other thing that smokers should be aware off is that cigarettes can cause all kinds of allergies, sinusitis and other conditions such as constant facial pain, pressure of the sinuses and tiredness.

Although quitting smoking is not easy, doctor’s strongly advise people to do so in order to prevent serious disorders before it’s too late.