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Like the title says, my sister was diagnosed with TNBC which is as far as I understand a form of cancer that doesn’t respond to most common hormonal treatments, however she is scheduled to start chemotherapy next month. From what I’ve read online this is extremely invasive and difficult to treat form of breast cancer, but our hopes lie in the fact that she was diagnosed in the first stage. We’re afraid of recurrence, of course, but for now all we can do is to hope chemotherapy will work and she will get a long lasting remission. But in general, compared to other forms of breast cancer, what is prognosis for triple negative breast cancer?


Jan. 9, 2016

I also have been diagnosed with TNBC St 2a Grade3. How is your sister? I did not find any responses to your question. I am looking at alternative options and not chemo and radiation.

Thank you
Sheri m