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Recent study reported that there’s no correlation between levels of vitamin D and risk of developing cancer. But, it’s pretty accurate that higher levels of vitamin D are related with decreased risk of colorectal cancer death.

Some other studies reported that vitamin D can minimize cancer mortality by decreasing cancer incidence. Researchers claim that vitamin D may reduce growth of the tumor and induce death of cancer cells. Great sources of vitamin D are sunlight and diet.

In the new study, experts analyzed correlation between levels of vitamin D that is circulating in the body and mortality from cancer. They found that mortality wasn’t related to levels of vitamin D and also it wasn’t related to sex, race or age of the patients. Still, higher levels of vitamin D were related to reduced risk of colorectal cancer by 70% compared with lower levels of vitamin D in the body.

Researchers agree that the relationship between cancer and some nutritients like vitamin D in this case is very complicated and say that more research needs to be done on this subject in order to find out how can vitamin D be used for prevention of some diseases.


This was a flawed trial - serum levels were only checked at the start of long trial, without due regard for seasonal/race and other factors - no doubt an attempt to mislead the public - this always happens when a pharmaceutical company stands to lose $Billions!

Vitamin-D deficiency has clearly created most diseases of the current "D3ark Age" - Diseases that are actually symptoms of Vitamin-D deficiency - any other interpretation is insane - interestingly such deficiency has probably caused the 20 fold increase in insanity in recent times! Every sane person is now taking at least 5,000iU of Vitamin D3 every day during winter months etc. Natural sunlight provides us with up to 20,000IU/day.