A novel by Stephen King

This is an old book...but a goodie. I wanted something I could read quick before Poky sends me the F. Paul Wilson books. This was perfect...I read it in one week...and only really at bedtime.

A departure for King, this book is written as a kind of children's story. Some of the material is questionable for children, but for King, it's very tame. While reading I was wondering with the Harry Potter craze if someone will rediscover this book and make a movie out of it. It would make a wonderful film.

King wrote this story for his daughter, who had complained that she wasn't old enough to read any of his books.

Anyway, it's a story of magic and Kings...and a great story. I hadn't read this story in probably something like 15 years, and was completely swept up in it again, although I knew the ending.

I totally loved this book, and if you like King but haven't read it, you should. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, I think you would like this book too...it's not a Harry Potter book by any means...but there is similarity there, that it takes you to a "fantasy world" where fantastic things happen.

I give this book a big, huge :thumbsup: