So I've been on the pill for 6 months so I've pretty much got that part figured out BUT for 2 weeks I had been extremly sick and was on 825mg of anabiotics twice a day. I know some anabiotics can make your birth control fail and I'd completly forgotten about this until I stopped taking the anabiotics and I started spotting. (just a little bit, it was brown with a little red streaked in, and only when I wiped) the problem is on the days I didn't feel so terrible my boyfriend and I would have sex without using any back up method and now I'm scared I may be pregnant. I've been spotting off and on for a week now and I'm not expecting a real period til next week. I've tried googling all my questions but nothing I found was really very helpful (I also took a EPT home pregnacy test and it was negitive BUT I took it about 2 1/2 weeks before my expected period, so it's very likely it was a false neg..) and also while I was sick I missed a couple pills, I made up for them the next day but there was at least 3 days (non-consecutive) that I missed a pill... What is the likelyhood of me being pregnant?? Is the spotting just a result of anabiotics, or missed pills? Someone please try to shine some light on my situation!