OK anyone who has had anything similar I would love to know what happend.

I have been on Cilest for about 9 months now, ( Had depo before but it messed up my periods so had to have a year off all BC ) Apart from very tender breasts for the first few months and sickness I don't think I have really had any problems, Untill this month.

I missed the last 2 pills of my last pack ( I know that is the worst time, I started spotting and was really stressed with work and completly forgot ) I spotted for 2 days a light brown orangey/pinky blood then went to a very light bleed but with medium cramps for a day and a bit then back to spotting till the next evening, in total about 5 days, i know periods can ger lighter when on the pill so didn't think anything of it, and figured couldn't be pregnant due to missed pills as spotting started before i missed them, any way... started my new pack of pills counting 7 days from the last pill i took, everything fine no problems but 8days into this pack I started very very light spotting and mild cramping, also has upset stomach and feeling achey and no energy, ( thought I was coming down with some sort of bug ) bleeding has become heavier yesterday ( day 10) but still not enough for a tampon, it is very slightly lighter again today but the blood is brown when i wipe but anything on a pad is very dark brown, I also noticed the egg white CM that would normally come with Ovulation today but very very little of it.
I have continued to take the pill.
I am STD free and been with my long term partner for years.

Basically should I see a doctor or is this just something that happens with the pill?
Could I be ovulating even tho this pill it meant to prevent it altogether?
Could this be a early pregnancy miscarriage coming on or something, I heard that the pill had a secondary thing against pregnany and that was to abort a fertilized embroy.
Or could it be a pregnancy? It would be too early to take a test surely, unless my withdrawal bleed doesn't count?

Sorry to waffel on please any experiences or advice would be much appreicaited.