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Redusyn is a weight loss product and currently when trying to search for this supplement online, very little information is available to assess it. What was found though is that the active ingredient in the weight loss pill is a compound known as synephrine.

Synephrine is an alkaloid that is found naturally in some plants and animals. When it is added to products such as weight loss pills, the effect of synephrine is similar to that of noradrenaline.

Now, noradrenaline (and adrenaline) are hormones that are released by the adrenal glands in response to a "fight or flight" situation in humans. The hormones cause the blood vessels in the body to constrict to direct blood flow to the muscles and vital organs so that one can react faster in a life-or-death scenario. These hormones also elevate one's blood pressure and heart rate. 

Synephrine in Weight-Loss Products

The synephrine used in products such as Redusyn is usually present as a natural component of bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) and is bound up in the plant matrix of the fruit. What is important to take note of though is that synephrine could also be synthesized in a laboratory or extracted from the plant source and purified and then added to these weight-loss products.

The product has been added to weight loss products as it also increases the user's metabolic rate thus helping them to use more energy and, therefore, lose weight.

Effects of Synephrine in Humans

In one study, synephrine was injected intramuscularly in human participants at a dose of 200mg, which is a normal dose when managing conditions where a drug/hormone such as noradrenaline would be needed, such as a severe allergic reaction. The effects on the participants were that their heart rates increased and their systolic (upper) blood pressures elevated.

When a dose of greater than 200mg was given, the participants experienced issues such as heart palpitations, severe sweating, headaches, and feelings of apprehension. 

The part of the study which is relevant to this article is the findings that were made when synephrine was administered orally in doses of 500-1500mg. The drug didn't affect the breathing rates of the participants nor their blood pressures. The only part of the cardiovascular system that was affected was their heart rates which increased by around 12 percent. Also, the highest dose of the drug caused nausea and vomiting.  


As mentioned, Redusyn contains synephrine as the active ingredient which helps the user shed some unwanted weight. How this compound achieves this is by causing the body's metabolism to increase which means that more energy is used up by the individual thus resulting in weight loss.

The mentioned adverse events of synephrine seem to occur when the drug itself is injected into the individual and the oral intake of the drug seems to not cause many issues.

With that being said, it's important to realize that a lot of the weight-loss products that contain synephrine, whether in it's naturally-occurring or synthetic form, may also contain other products and compounds that aid in weight loss. Therefore, the effects of these compounds should also be considered in order to assess whether a weight loss product is appropriate for use by a specific person.

As always, if one wants to embark on using a supplement to assist with weight loss, this should be discussed with one's primary care doctor.   

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