Hi everyone i am curious since I've reasearched very hard but couldnt come up with any clear anwsers.
Well my Gf has been on BC since age of 14 and 3 years later hasnt missed a dosage one and has been succesful over the pass.
We do use condoms around her ovulation time (we got the dates down and to lil methods to find out)
Even when we dont use condoms I pull out very early but i know that the pre-nut or what ever you would call it can get a girl pregnant.

well to my question now

We have had sex w/o a condom but with the pill in the last 2 weeks
She has always been consistent and no spotting ever

Now shes started spotting and its a week before her period she has been very tire latly no sickness or cramps.

I am worried that she is pregnant and I'm not to clear on the issue of spotting since all my research I've done it comes up as a sign of pregnacy

Is spotting before her period normal a week advance at that?

I know younger girls as my GF usually arnt to regular and do have probilems with periods

so any anwsers to help solve my question

keep my fingures cross for another week and then i find out and purchase my first pregnacy test :-(