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hello, i need advice about my penis..i had an small accident wen i was small..n the foreskin was injured..somewhat my parents didnt know wat to do exactly i guess and they applied a meds which had stick part of my Inner foreskin layer, near the outlet...i didnt know how dis happen exactly...koz i was quite small..wanna to know if its posiible to separet or corect this koz i cant really masturbate...the penis stays inside the foreskin and cant really retract the foreskin wen my penis is erect...plz advise..we can chat if some1 wants to help me out...i need ur advise on wat to do... thanks.


You don't say your age but I'm guessing you're fairly young. If the skin is actually attached you may need to have it corrected surgically, in the doctor's office. Don't worry it is not circumcision. The doctor will numb the area and then separate the layers of skin.

As for the penis staying inside the foreskin, this is fairly common for young men. After enough time and masturbation the foreskin should loosen and the glans will be visible.

Let me know if you still need more information.


Hello. thanks for your reply. Actually im 25 years and will get 26 this year. I a bit confused about which type of doctor to see, specially for this surgery. actually..i have try to retract the foreskin completely when im not erect which is easy for me..but when it start to start to swollen with blood as the foreskin outlet is small, so compressed the head,..which then i had to push the skin back very quick as it pains...that y i cant really masturbate..if you want i can sent you a pic of my penis..sent me your perso mail add, and i will sent it to i would very appreciate your advise on where you think the doctor will cut the skin..thanks lods for your response.



Your age does clarify things a bit. I don't think I need a picture as you've described the situation much clearer now.

I think you should talk to a urologist. You may need a referral from your gp, but you shouldn't have to put up with pain to have sex. The urologist can help you determine the best course of action. Be prepared, it might include circumcision.

A final piece of advice, if you are not happy with what that doctor recommends, get another opinion.

All the best!


Thanks,.I will see to visit one soon then. i was very reassured when u have told me about just a minor surgery in the doctor's office. because im dunt want to be circumcision. im strongly believe if you have a look will get a better idea on the whole thing. ****. thanks loads


It is not necessary to retract your foreskin to masturbate. The foreskin has two layers and the outer foreskin simply glides over the inner foreskin.

Masturbation is good because it provides for the need to ejaculate semen, is fun, pleasant, enjoyable, safe, healthy, normal, harmless, contributes to prostate health, relieves sexual tension, and pain from overfilled seminal vesicles. Masturbation aids sleep when done before bedtime. Frequent masturbation prevents wet dreams. Masturbation leaves one with a feeling of relaxation, contentment, and well-being. One cannot get an STD from masturbation.

Masturbation should be done in a place where one has privacy. Favorite places are in the shower or in bed at night.

There is no lower or upper age limit for masturbation. Some pre-school boys masturbate and some elderly people masturbate at least into their late seventies.

One may masturbate as much or as little as one wishes, however one may experience temporary sexual exhaustion due to very frequent masturbation.

Three times a day works well for many teens.

1. Do it before school in the morning. This helps you get through the school day without being excessively h*rny.
2. Do it after school because you have gone a whole day without masturbating.
3. Do it before going to sleep. This helps with restful, sound sleep.

The movable, internally-lubricated, nerve-laden erogenous foreskin and its gliding action is an important aid to masturbation.

Circumcision was introduced to unforeskin the penis and make it impossible to masturbate. It failed to stop masturbation but it made it harder to do and perhaps less enjoyable.

How one does it depends on whether one has an internally lubricated movable foreskin that glides up and down the shaft or whether you have been unforeskinned.

If you are foreskinned, then all you need to do is glide your foreskin back and forth. It is not necessary to retract the foreskin. The outer foreskin glides over the inner foreskin. The foreskin is internally lubricated with lymphatic fluid and glides without friction. The numerous nerves inside the foreskin are stimulated by the motion and generate pleasurable sensations. Foreskinned males must be careful not to tear the frenulum.

Long and vigorous masturbation can cause the foreskin to become edematous and swollen, which is painless and not a cause for alarm. The edema usually goes down within about 24 hours. Pulling back too hard is apt to stretch the frenulum and may tear it.

If you are unforeskinned and the skin is taut and immovable, then you will need some lubrication and you need to slide your hand up and down the shaft. You will likely injure yourself without lubricant. Friction irritation is common when a male without foreskin masturbates without lubricant. Some lubricants are baby oil, vegetable oil, personal lubricant, soapy water, and saliva.
It is common for an unforeskinned male, who has been deprived of his internally lubricated foreskin, to have irritation if he does not apply external lubricant.

After a male ejaculates, there is normally a “refractory period” before he can have sex again.