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So, you've noticed that your penis is inflamed (swollen) or injured, perhaps after masturbating or sexual activity with a partner? Let's look at the possible causes — and at how to keep your penis safe and healthy in the future. 

Why Is My Penis Sore And Swollen?

You probably have balanitis on your hands (OK, not hands). Balanitis is an inflammation of the tip of your penis, the glans. Balanitis is particularly common in men who have not been circumcised, and besides swelling, its symptoms include a red, itchy, and slightly painful glans that might also be shiny, a foreskin that sticks to the glans, and foul-smelling penile discharge

Balanitis can be caused by all sorts of different things, so you will want to take a look at possible causes and examine whether there may be several contributing factors:

  • You've been too rough on your skin, during masturbation or sexual activity with a partner. 
  • Balanitis can also be caused by fungal infections like thrush, or bacterial infections
  • Poor hygiene can be to blame. Make sure you retract your foreskin and wash your glans regularly. 
  • You may be experiencing an allergic reaction or sensitivity to a perfume (including those found in scented shower products), or to condoms. 
  • Your balanitis may be caused by a medical condition like psoriasis or diabetes, or it may be a side effect of a medication you are taking. 

Unless the swelling occurs right after sex or masturbation and it subsides really quickly, you will want to see a doctor to help you determine what is behind the inflammation of your penis, and to receive treatment. 

Could You Have Phimosis Or Paraphimosis? 

Phimosis is a condition in which an uncircumcised man cannot retract his foreskin, to a greater or lesser extent. In paraphimosis, on the other hand, your foreskin will be stuck behind the glans and you will not be able to help it back into its normal resting condition. 

Both conditions can result in swelling and pain. If your foreskin is stuck in one place, please consult your doctor — especially if it is stuck behind the glans, since this can lead to a cessation of proper blood flow and create a medical emergency. 

Penile Injuries: What Now?

Penile injuries may result from sexual activity, or they may be caused by other circumstances. While you should not be too worried about, for instance, a little scrape caused by a fingernail, more serious penile injuries should always be looked at by a doctor. 

Should you hear a cracking or popping sound, followed by immense pain, severe bruising and immediate loss of erection, during sex or masturbation, you may have sustained a penile fracture. Yes, your penis can "break", even though there are no actual bones in your penis. If this happens, or you think it has, go to the ER. 

Should you injure your penis with home-made sex toys, a penile ring, or under any other circumstances (ranging from bad cuts while shaving your pubic area to getting your penis caught in a zipper or sustaining penile injuries during a car crash), it is, of course, also important that you seek immediate medical assistance if the injury is bad enough to worry you. 

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