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Plz help me out find a fun way to have fun


I just spit in my hand and i grip my penis with my weak hand to make it fill like someone else is doing it and go slow


Get totally naked, lay down and bend your knees so your making like a V with your legs.Put your head back and j/o slow with lotion.



Masturbation is necessary to satisfy the ongoing male physical need to discharge semen to prevent and relieve pain from overfilled seminal vesicles and prevent “blue balls”. Frequent masturbation prevents wet dreams. Regular ejaculation is associated with better prostate health. Masturbation is a great stress reliever. There is no upper or lower age limit for masturbation. Very young people and elderly people do it.

Masturbation is relaxing, pleasant, enjoyable, harmless, healthy, normal, and contributes to restful sleep if done before going to bed. One cannot get a sexually transmitted disease from masturbation.

There is no accepted definition of excessive mastulbation. Your body will tell you when you have had enough.

One may masturbate as much or as little as one wishes. There is a period (called the refractory period) that one must wait before doing it again. Some teens find they need to do it three times a day. You may do it again whenever you feel ready. Your body will tell you when it has had enough for a while.

One may do it in any place where one has privacy. In bed at night, on the toilet, or in the shower are some favorite places to masturbate.

The internally-lubricated movable nerve-laden, erogenous foreskin and its gliding action is an important aid to masturbation.

Circumcision was introduced into medical practice in the 19th century to unforeskin the penis and make it impossible to masturbate. It did not stop masturbation but it made it harder to do and perhaps less enjoyable.

How one does it depends on whether one has an internally lubricated movable foreskin that glides up and down the shaft or whether you have been unforeskinned.

If you are foreskinned, then all you need to do is glide your foreskin back and forth. The foreskin is internally lubricated with lymphatic fluid and glides without friction. The outer foreskin glides over the inner foreskin. It is not necessary or desirable to retract the foreskin. Foreskinned guys normally do not require additional lubrication. The numerous nerves inside the foreskin are stimulated by the motion and generate pleasurable sensations. Foreskinned guys must be careful not to stress their frenulum because it can tear or snap.

Long and vigorous masturbation can cause the foreskin to become edematous and swollen, which is painless and not a cause for alarm. The edema usually goes down within about 24 hours. Pulling back too hard is apt to stretch the frenulum and may tear it.

If you are unforeskinned and the shaft skin is taut and immovable, then you will need some lubrication and you need to slide your hand up and down the shaft. You will likely injure yourself without lubricant. Friction burns are common when a male without foreskin masturbates without lubricant. Some lubricants are baby oil, vegetable oil, personal lubricant, soapy water, and saliva. Products containing harsh, irritating chemicals should not be used. Shampoo and body wash have been found to be irritating and should not be used.

It is common for an unforeskinned male, who has been deprived of his internally lubricated foreskin, to have friction irritation if
he does not apply external lubricant.